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How do you want to Create Your Book?

Option 1

Upload your own content

Make it your own from start to finish.  Write your content in your own format and style (we recommend using GoogleDocs or Microsoft Word to create your book). Then, simply upload your finished content as a .PDF file below. 

If you need help converting to a .PDF, please see our FAQ section for instructions on how to convert a document to a .PDF.

Be sure to check out our Tips & Ideas page for creative ways to compose your book.



Option 2

Use our content, but add your own touch

Short on time but love the idea of giving your guests a personalized cookbook?  This option is for you.  Simply add your own personalized touches to our Ready-Made Book consisting of over 30+ of our favorite recipes.


It's quick and convenient, yet still easy to make it uniquely yours.  The Ready-Made Book gives you the option to include your own:


Picture on first page

'Story of Us' page

Pictures on every Chapter page

Picture on Table of Contents page

"Family Favorites" chapter (up to 10 of your own recipes)

Dedication page

Picture on Dedication page


















The Ready-Made Book is intended to save you time, but remember that you will still have the option to add up to 10 of your own recipes in the"Family Favorites" chapter along with the option to add several pictures to your book.  Therefore, we suggest taking some time to collect whatever recipes and/or pictures you want to include in your book before you begin.

When you are ready, click the 'Start' button below to begin personalizing your Ready-Made Book.  As you follow the steps in the form, you will be prompted to upload any recipes and/or pictures you want included in your book.


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